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Paula Street Noise

Paula Street Nightclubs Disturb our Neighboorhoods

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November 21, 2017


ABC Commission overrules RPD Opinion and awards Dubai Live ABC Permit

In a meeting with NC’s ABC Commission Deputy Administrator, Angel Menendez, he confirmed that his office received the Raleigh Police Department’s Opinion that 2414 Paula Street was not recommended for an ABC permit. Mr. Menendez along with another administrative staff member and legal council met with a neighborhood representative to say that per state statue

Fed up with Noise- Residents are moving out!

Residents of Forest Acres are selling homes affected by the noise violations from Paula Street During the month of July Forest Acres has seen at least four homes within a small strip of Bellaire Avenue put on the real estate market. These homes are the closest and hardest hit by the ongoing noise violations of

Letters to Mayor and Council Members go unanswered

Residents continue to email Mayor and City Council about noise issues in Forest Acres Several emails sent to Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane, City Council member Mary-Ann Baldwin, and City Council member Bonner Gaylord continue to be ignored. All three have heard from multiple residents numerous times via emails, calls, and petitions in front of City Council. Previous