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Paula Street Noise

Paula Street Nightclubs Disturb our Neighboorhoods

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November 21, 2017

Become Part of the Solution

How can you help?

Residents are asking for your help. Please find the list of city officials below along with suggested topics on how they can take action against the nightclubs on Paula Street who continue to violate the Raleigh City Noise Ordinance.

 City Attorney’s Office – Dottie Leapley

Email: Dottie.leapley@raleighnc.gov  Office: 919-996-6568

Please call or email Mrs. Leapley with the following message:

Mrs. Leapley,

I ask that you please proceed with all available legal actions against the nightclubs on Paula Street. As a resident of the city and member of the community I do not appreciate the noise problems these clubs have brought to their adjacent neighborhoods. Please reconsider your objections of the Raleigh Police Department placing multiple violators (20+violations) under arrest. This is a valuable enforcement tool that has been used in the past. Please reconsider your objection of the Code Enforcement’s office to investigate the Luc Lounge for operating a club with adult entertainment. Please expedite your investigations in the improper ownership of nightclubs on Paula/Hodges Street, and your investigation into why multiple criminal cases against the nightclubs were dropped by the DA without any notice or reason given to the victims/witnesses. Please also provide your complete support and full recommendation to the City Managers office that the RCC 2014-349 fines and penalties be fully enforced on nightclubs on Paula Street. Residents are counting on you, please do not let us down.

Zoning Enforcement – Robert Pearce

Email: Robert.Pearce@RaleighNC.gov    Office: 919-996-2474

Please call or email Mr. Pearce with the following message:

Mr. Pearce,

Please expedite any enforcement actions against the Paula Street nightclubs who operate without the proper parking per the city requirements. Please investigate the Luc Lounge for running an adult club that includes strippers/go-go dancers without the proper permits. Please investigate the parking requirements of the El Tucanazo at 2400 Paula Street. A transfer in new land ownership in an adjacent lot has left this club with limited parking. Residents appreciate the efforts of your office and are counting on your findings to ensure these clubs are operating properly.


City Councilor – Bonner Gaylor, Elected Official for District E

Email: Bonner.Gaylord@RaleighNC.gov    Office: 919-996-3050

Please call or email Mr. Gaylord with the following message:

Councilor Gaylord,

Residents in District E and specifically the neighborhood of Forest Acres need your help to restore peace and quiet during nighttime hours. Nightclubs on Paula Street continue to violate the noise ordinance (30+ violations) often between the hours of 3am and 5am. Will you please take an active role to solving this problem? Residents need you to encourage the City Managers office to enforce the AEP fines and penalties for violations, to talk to local business owners who have felt pressured to allow parking in their business’, and to meet with the building owners who lease to the clubs about their potential liabilities. Please do not remain silent and out of sight on this issue. We need your help and you are the only council member that was elected to directly represent this district.


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