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November 21, 2017

Luc Lounge Loses Arbitration Hearing

Luc Lounge continues to fight the city of Raleigh over noise violations at arbitration hearing frustrating neighbors and city officials.

On April 15th, 2016 the City of Raleigh held an arbitration hearing pursuant to Raleigh City Code 12-5011(2) as an enforcement action against Luc Hospitality LLC and Marino Diaz regarding (10) Noise Violation civil citations issued to Luc Lounge.

On April 27th the Arbitrator (William Pitmann) made his ruling in favor of the City of Raleigh approving of the disputed civil citations and awarding a total of $2800 in fines.

During the arbitration, nine Raleigh Police Officers and two residents testified on behalf of the city. Only one club representative testified on behalf of the club.

Lawyers for the defendants provided an account by a local sound engineering company who verified the sound from the club was traveling into the neighborhood and homes next to the club. The club vowed to have the contracted company engineer their sound system to elimate the ability of the bass sounds to eminate from the club. This has not happened and many residents report the sound has become more clear, distinct, and even more of a nuisance then before.

UPDATE: RPD Attorney Ashby Ray reports that the defendants have again appealed. They wish to fight the ruling and requested a hearing in Superior Court.


Click to view the ruling:

Ral V Luc Award

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