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Paula Street Noise

Paula Street Nightclubs Disturb our Neighboorhoods

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November 21, 2017


FOREST ACRESDo you live in Forest Acres and hear music late at night? You are not alone. Residents have been plagued with loud music for years. This website will help you understand where the music comes from and what you can do to help end this nuisance.

Noise issues have been well documented from Nightclubs on Paula Street for many years. On this site you find items going back to 2011.

Property Values have become a HUGE topic. When buyers compare home for sale the neighborhood and surrounding areas often play a huge part in their decision. In Forest Acres and other neighborhoods, disclosing the noise issues can lead to lost sales and/or lower selling prices. Did you know that the NC Real Estate Disclosure form line 26 states: ‘Is there any noise, odor, smoke, etc. from commercial, industrial, or military sources which affects the property?’. The buyer of the property may have up to three years to take legal action against sellers and their agents who do not properly disclose information on the disclosure form.

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