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November 21, 2017

Help Needed! Send an Objection letter

There is a new CLUB at 2414 Paula Street who has applied for an ABC Permit. I am asking residents to send an objection letter to the Special Operations Division of the Raleigh Police Department. Attached is a sample letter you can use/modify.

All letters must be received by Tuesday, January 17th at 5pm  Please send to: Joette.Holman@raleighnc.gov

If you want you can copy me: Nick@paulastreet.com, and our city councilors: bonner.gaylord@raleighnc.gov, russ.stephenson@raleighnc.gov, mary-ann.baldwin@raleighnc.gov Thank You!!!


(You can download the WORD Document at the bottom of this page)

January 16th 2017

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to object to the alcohol licence application by Dubai Live, Tiffany D. Russell, Carolina Stock Exchange, INC. 2414 Paula Street Raleigh NC 27608

I have an interest in this application that is greater than the general public because:
I live in the neighbourhood adjacent to the property and would be subject to the noise and crime generated by the club.

I object to the application on the following grounds:

Objection 1:
2414 Paula Street does not have sufficient parking – Petitioner does not have exclusive control of its parking area. Petitioner leases spots required to meet city parking requirements from a facility that will be operating in similar hours. This relationship could change if patrons of the lessee struggle for parking or the lessee business changes.

Objection 2:
Crime will increase – This location has already had a drive by shooting targeting the business before it even opened!! This location had over 100 RPD calls in 2016 and because of its “dead end street” location it seems to attract brazen criminal activity. This street is just a hundred yards from backyards. Shootings, stabbings, and other activities are potentially in full view from residents’ yards, windows, and children’s playing areas.

Objection 3:
Business Improvements will slow or end – Several of the buildings on Paula Street have recently received large investments improving the look and function of the street. If this ABC permit is issued it will be a sign to the business owners that the City of Raleigh does not value their investment on Paula Street.

Objection 4:
Loud Noise during night time hours will disturb residents – You wouldn’t place a nightclub in the middle of a residential neighbourhood because of the noise in the late-night hours. This location is on the edge of a body of water (Crabtree Creek overflow) and my neighbourhood is on the other side of the body of water. This causes refraction of the sound waves (especially at night) and AMPLIFIES sounds traveling across the water.

I ask that you reject the petitioners request based on these objections.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name
Contact info (phone or email)



Click to Download Word Doc file:

2414 ABC Permit Objection


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