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Paula Street Nightclubs Disturb our Neighboorhoods

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November 21, 2017


Police Owned Club allowed to Break the Law

Special Treatment? On Friday January 15th, residents informed the Raleigh Police Department about a club operating without an AEP. The club had promoted a large party online and was selling tickets to the public on an Evite page and partnered with a promotional company Society 35. The Police department responded with an email stating they had

Hawg Pen Doesn’t Have Proper Permits

The Hawg Pen, which has been operating for months, has not obtained the proper permits for a nightclub. Friday Jan 8th 2016 When residents informed the Raleigh Police Department of the fact there was no AEP (Amplified Entertainment Permit) on an evening the club was again blasting music into the neighborhood, the Police only gave