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November 21, 2017

ABC Commission overrules RPD Opinion and awards Dubai Live ABC Permit

In a meeting with NC’s ABC Commission Deputy Administrator, Angel Menendez, he confirmed that his office received the Raleigh Police Department’s Opinion that 2414 Paula Street was not recommended for an ABC permit. Mr. Menendez along with another administrative staff member and legal council met with a neighborhood representative to say that per state statue they have final say and while they took the recommendation into account, they did not follow it.

Since this ruling Dubai Live has opened in the location that has had years of problems with parking, ALE violations, numerous noise issues from the homes next door, and crime. These problems include every club at the location including, Luc Lounge, Pericos Bar, and Velvet Touch. Dubai Live has already had a drive by shooting, parking issues resulting multiple vehicles being towed, and has become a noise nuisance to the locals in Forest Acres.


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